Tuesday, August 28, 2012

EDSS 555: Injustice Within Schools

Above is a credentialed PE teacher instructing a lesson to an elementary class.
A form of injustice can be seen in every school across the board. This picture is an example of injustice because the elementary students are privileged to have a quality-credentialed PE teacher at their school. Although there is a California law stating that primary grades need 150 minutes of PE a week with a credentialed PE teacher, many schools today get away with having classroom teachers and teacher aids teaching the children PE. In order for our students to have a quality PE program they need to be instructed by an educator that is specialized in physical education. This will only happen if we gain more accountability and support within the schools.


  1. Corey,

    Awesome way of thinking about it. I agree with your statement that this is a justice, but you are right there is injustice in this. Its also a contract issue and a union issue. the teachers unions are very clear on what a credentialed teacher is supposed to be, and what a classified employee is supposed to do. HR's should have these duties listed with each job classification. Classified employees "Assists but do not normally lead instruction" That is a job reserved for a credentialed teacher.

    great example!

  2. Thank you! Many people believe that anyone can teach PE, but a highly qualified teacher needs to do that job. As a credentialed PE teacher you are trained with appropriate content and pedagogy practices, and also have a better observational eye than an aid or classroom teacher.